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Nutella Pizza

Pizza may be the centerfold to many household take out, but why? Why not make the dough and sauce from scratch. This dessert version will have you begging for more after the first slice.

Ingredients for Dough
500g “00” Flour, All purpose will work as well.
1g Fresh yeast or 7g(package)
350ml of Water
Ingredients for Fresh Nutella
2 Cups of Hazelnuts
1 Tsp of Vanilla Extract
1/2 Tsp of Sea salt
2/3 Cups Dutch Chocolate Cocoa powder
1 Cup powder sugar
2 Tbsp of Hazelnut oil or Vegetable oil

Pizza Dough:

  1. In a medium bowl, thoroughly blend the flour, yeast, and salt. Add the water and, with a wooden spoon or your hands, mix thoroughly.
  2. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap or a kitchen towel and allow it to rise at room temperature for 8 hours or until it has more than doubled.
  3. Flour a work surface and scrape out the dough. Divide it into 4 equal parts and shape them. For each portion, start with the right side of the dough and pull it towards the center; then do the same with the left, then the top, then the bottom (the order doesn’t actually matter; what you want is four folds).

Fresh Nutella:

  1. Put Raw hazelnuts into a large pan and roast on high heat to help bring the nutty and beautiful aroma of the hazelnut.
  2. Once the hazelnuts are cool enough to handle, transfer hazelnuts to a food processor or blender. Process the hazelnuts for 2 minutes or until smooth and oiled.
  3. Add the powdered sugar, cocoa powder, hazelnut oil, vanilla extract, and salt. Keep processing until fully incorporated, scraping the bowl down as needed.


  1. Slowly start to pat the dough down into the general shape of a pizza. Don’t roll it out with a rolling pin. Once the dough had grown in size, pass over your knuckles and slowly start to spread it out until a pizza pie shape is formed.
  2. Poke multiple fork punctures to make sure no bubbles form when baking.
  3. Bake 10 Mins at 350*F or until dough starts to brown( do not over cook)
  4. Take out of oven and drizzle or spoon Fresh Nutella over. Top with Fresh Strawberries or coconut/Banana slices.
  5. Sprinkle lightly with powdered sugar and almond shavings
  6. Enjoy.

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