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Rice! The Universal Grain


  • Always wash your rice thoroughly. It does not matter what kind, washing your rice is very important.
  • Let rice soak for at-least 5-10 minutes before cooking it, this will allow the rice starches to get absorb instead of cook with the pot and get and unbalanced texture.
  • Season rice before cooking, this will help the flavors absorb into the rice.
  • Brown rice will last between 6-12 months. While White Rice will last 4-6 years fresh uncooked.

Rice is just one of those ingredients that impacted the culinary game onto another, without even trying. Even though it is used in almost every major cuisine from, fine dining all the way down to fast food. It was once, still is, the major ingredient in poor and unstable areas.

It has fed more people of a longer period more than any other crop known. It began Southwest China, including India and other surrounding areas. It passed onto Greece and regions of the Mediterranean. Rice spread all through Southern Europe and to some of North Africa. It then took form into the New World. From Portugal it becomes added into Brazil and from Spain to Central and South America.

With it being one of the healthiest used ingredients in today’s world with having, no sodium or cholesterol and barely any fat, it is no wonder why it is used on every continent except Antarctica.

The two major forms we see today and that the world consumes are Oryza sativa (Asian rice) or the Oryza glaberrima (African rice). What many people do not know is that Brown rice and White rice come from the same grain. Brown rice is whole grain rice, with the inedible outer hull removed; white rice is the same grain with the hull, bran layer and cereal germ removed. Red rice, gold rice, black rice, and purple rice are all whole rice, but with a differently pigmented outer layer.

When picking rice, it can be very misleading to think “Rice is Rice.” Always consume the natural and unfortified bleached rice for health and taste benefits. Nothing, and I mean nothing beats natural taste.

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