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Basic Knives for Cooking

Now there are plenty of Knives in the Chef’s tool box. Many can serve as multiple functions throughout the kitchen experience. Regardless if you are a beginner or an experienced chef, these are the three staples into getting the most out of your kitchen.

  • Chefs Knife, is hands down the most important tool in the entire kitchen(disregarding the chef of course). This tool can serve every purpose if need be. Though it is mainly used for chopping and prepping. While many will have it serve multiple purposes, it will do just what you need. There are MANY kinds out there, how you should choose the knife determines all about the grip and what feels comfortable, not by look.

-Find one that is between 6-8 inches for beginners, with decent heavy base. You want to firmly grasp it and not have it be loose, don’t worry about the speed of using it, worry about comfort.

  • Paring Knife, or small bladed knife. These small but durable guys can be used from anything in the small and tedious task category. Peeling and chopping vegetables, getting as creative as shaping foods for design if need be.

-Will usually be between 2-4 inches of blade length, although you can have many sizes, find the in between-er that you will use most often on your culinary choice.

  • Serrated Knife, This bad boy is used as a heavy duty cutter. Breads, and softer cutting vegetables such as tomatoes can be easily cut through when done using the serrated knife. A complimentary to this is the use of cutting heavy set meats such as Steak and Turkey on those special Holidays.

-The longer the Serrate the less slicing you will have to do, now that doesn’t mean reach for the longest one you can find. I would generally stick between 8-10 inches if need be. Always remember everybody cooks differently.


Boning Knife and a durable Pair of Scissors. Now of course you do not need either of these, but having these to extra tools in your artillery will help speed up the process for more efficient work in the kitchen.

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